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Smooth rides make for boring stories.
28 February 2012 @ 12:11 am
1.) Watched the Oscars and tweeted/Facebook'd along. Emma Stone was awesome, of course. I have mixed feelings about the Oscars- I love movies, but I can't help the slightly worrying feeling that I am spending time watching other people be awesome when I should be spending more time being awesome. Really must start doing something about that.

A friend of Rusty's agrees. We're going to try and make a movie. Will be starting to send him story treatments in the next day or so, based on the short stories I've written for pulped_fictions, so I've been poking around a bit looking for goodies. And I'm just amazed that I've been a member for so long, because as social as I am, I'm not really into joining clubs and yet this special group of folks welcomed me and wow. How awesome! How lucky. :)

2.) The Cutting Edge turns 20 this year and it's still one of my favorite movies. Aside from the slightly misty light you see in the film (which I guess is down to age) and the sad looking titles (this was pre-funky CGI-effects and weird fonts) it's still wonderful. And it reminds me of how much I used to to love skating, and how much I still love sports movies (esp. ones that happen during the winter Olympics) and nice bad boys and bitchy good girls falling in love. :)

3.) Tomorrow (or rather "later") I'm making cupcakes and going for drinks in Baltimore with my sister and two of her friends, IF all goes well. I am optimism. Time for sleep. 

But first, a few more minutes of Cutting Edge (because it's apparently a MARATHON of awesomeness). Wanna skate! :D

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Smooth rides make for boring stories.
24 February 2012 @ 10:13 pm
1.) Thinking of changing my tumblr from Dish Meets Spoon to The Partly Cloudy Kitchen because the light in there is so bad it's like it's always partly cloudy. In mah kitchen. Thinkies? Srsly, would love your opinion.

2.) Went to happy hour with some folks I haven't seen in ages. Some folks mentioned doing stuff in the next few weeks, so here's hoping because I've been a lil' too hermity lately. :p

3.) Blood oranges are in stores now. And Meyer lemons. MEYER. LEMONS. Bought a bag today that had a recipe for a tart on it I have to try! :D

4.) Tomorrow I'm taking the Shuttle in for a tuneup (computer, not car), then hanging out with Patti and planning our trip to Broadway. Sunday is knitting with [personal profile] sparkfrost ! Turns out I need a TUNISIAN CROCHET HOOK for the afghan. And that nobody has one. But mama needs a new pair of socks, so might go ahead and start a pair. :)

5.) Made mango avocado salsa and sauteed tilapia for lunch today. Highly recommend if you like fish and fruitses.

6.) Watching Hugh Bonneville (Lord "Daddy" Grantham) in "Mansfield Park". THE HAIR.

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Smooth rides make for boring stories.
20 February 2012 @ 08:15 pm
 LJ has been spastic lately, so I've bought a month on DW. And DW doesn't want to do an import. YAY. Fail ALL THE THINGS!

Speaking of fail-

1.)  Totally exhausted. On federal hols they have free parking in Bethesda so I went into town to see a movie (more fail.) and putter around. Lotsa walking. It was good. I haven't been sleeping well and I've been a total potato de couche lately, so I think all the fresh air and exercise (hah.) did me in. The burger I had for lunch probably didn't help- tummy not thrilled with lunch choice. 

2.) Puppeh's name is *drumroll* THE DUCHESS OF GREENTREE. Greentree being the street my aunt and unc live on. And it's seriously "The Duchess" or "Duchess" for short. *facepalm* C'mon, people, really? The rule is two syllables ending with a vowel and not something you'd feel stupid yelling at the top of your lungs. REALLY?

3.) Two of my fave coworkers have found other jobs and I'm still looking. Fuck. I want to be happy for them, but at the same time FUCK. Because now I'm stuck without them. Time to look harder. Or just give the hell up and start over somewhere else. FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK. Srsly, one of the gals has SUCH DRAMZ in her life (clingy, younger bf she moved in with after knowing him only 3 months and everything out her mouth has been a litany of his sins FOR FUCK'S SAKE WHY IS SHE STILL WITH HIM?) I'm surprised she even had time to find this job of osom she now has. Anyway, happy for them but a teensy bit [selfishly] sad for me. :(

4.) Watching a rebroadcast of Downton S2S1 and looking for icons. I have 100 of them now. Check that out- a paid account with 100 icons for one month for $3. Aces! And so is this rapidly cooling green tea. YUMMERS. 
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I feel really:: contentcontent
Smooth rides make for boring stories.
ETA: Oh EXCELLENT. So first I can't post on LJ, now I can't edit on LJ. I can enable comments, but... srsly, guys?

1.) Couldn't sleep, watching Graham Norton- old episode with Colin Farrell, Rihanna, some guy from Wales I honestly don't know (Oh, Rhod Gilbert! Nope, still don't know him.), and Daniel Radcliffe (they found a guy in the audience who looks like him to be a standin until DanRad swings by after he walks the red carpet for HP:DH 1 or 2). Anyway, moved to post because Colin Farrell was shilling LONDON BOULEVARD. I am ENRAGED about this, let me tell you WHY:

Random blather under a cut for length.Collapse )

2.) Tried on some clothes yesterday because, well, I have nothing to wear to work today. I have one pair of pants I can wear, and I thought I'd really like a dress so I tried on a bunch at Ann Taylor. I've gained SO much weight that, well, *whine* *moan* whatevs. I'm the biggest I've ever been, I'm terribly out of shape, and I've got three batches of citrus curd in the fridge which I very much enjoyed making, but it occurs to me that as much fun as I had cooking it, I've really got to start jarring the stuff and giving it away, because just having it in the fridge seems to have added to my weight issues (What? It's butter, eggs, sugar, and juice cooked on the stove and it's SCRUMMY on the scones I have in the freezer. SCRUMMY. Dammit. And sitting about all weekend with the laptop and the rain did not help things.

Anyway, didn't buy the stuff I tried on because most of it wasn't on sale, was a size that I'm not happy about (will get over that shortly, but buying a $100 "fat dress"? Ugh.), and the salesgirl did a shit job of taking care of me. I used to work retail, and if you want to make your sales goals you don't just start a dressing room for someone and then disappear, you CHECK ON THEM. Especially if the person has brought you an armload of clothes and has a store card and is not afraid to use it.

Also, I AM ANNOYED because the curd is just not coming out how I want it to- creamy and opaque. It's delicious, but it's transluscent and gelatinous, which is what I see at the store, but at ABC Kitchen the lemon curd was thick and closer to fruit butter or clotted cream in terms of texture. Actually, last batch I made was pretty close- could be a touch brighter, but of the three it's the closest. One more batch and I should have it down. One. more. batch. *wibble*

4.) OOH. NEW GLEE PROJECT AVAILABLE ON ONDEMAND. It aired less than 12 hours ago and now I CAN HAZ WATCH. I already know the outcome for this ep, but it's the journey, bb. (Yeah, I'm not reviewing these any more, but I'm still watching.) And jsyk, the spoilers for who got booted in 'Generosity' were wrong. And I'm glad. :)

5.) Seeing promos for "Win Win", "Just Peck", and the incredibly amazing looking "BURKE AND HARE" which will probably do poorly because Americans have no sense of humor about grave-robbing. Srsly, UK-ians, stop with the fighting and get back to making awesome cultural contributions. I beg you.

Agh. I think I'm just going to shower, pop some Advil and go in early today. Happy Monday folks! This entry was originally posted at http://lillbet.dreamwidth.org/311169.html. It's brilliant there- they have sandwiches! Comment using OpenID.
Smooth rides make for boring stories.
13 July 2011 @ 11:13 am

It's the fourth episode and the cracks are starting to show. The boys are flipping out as much as the girls, Zach is joining in on the scaring people, and Nikki has lost her damn mind if she thinks Samuel is more osom than Hannah. 

Nuts over the 'T'.Collapse )

Smooth rides make for boring stories.
20 June 2011 @ 09:10 pm
Second episode was really good. Personalities are coming out. Thank. Gawd.

Now you're speakin' my language!Collapse )
Smooth rides make for boring stories.
18 June 2011 @ 08:13 pm

First episode was epic in the extreme. I don't like reality shows, but after watching this I think I'm willing to ride along- it borders on over exposure for the show, plus I loathe spoilers, but I also adore GLEE. And this is already going to be a long ass summer.

My opinions, do with them what you will.Collapse )

Smooth rides make for boring stories.
11 May 2011 @ 06:50 pm
Dear LJ,

What did you just do?



PS Still not sure about getting a paid account again. This? Not. helping. 
Smooth rides make for boring stories.
22 February 2011 @ 10:03 am
Comment below and please, tell me all about Lipitor, diets involving foccaccia bread, penis enlargement, travel services, time shares, etc.

Thank you, you asshole bastards for ruining LJ.


Like You Fucking Care What My Damn Name Is

PS To everyone else, BRB- locking all public entries, because I'm tired of deleting and marking all this shit as spam.

Derp- I set up the filters- silly me, I thought they were defaults. *facepalm*

Oh, NOW I'm getting spam messages in my inbox. Anyone know how to fix THAT bullshit?
Smooth rides make for boring stories.
21 December 2009 @ 09:12 am
Okay, I can't decide whose side I'm on here.

Yes, there's some crazy shit going down in the world right now and you can't be too careful.

Yes, I get that driving a Hummer does not mean you're a macho, dumb idiot.

Yes, I get that throwing snowballs at moving cars is not really smart or kind.

Yes, I get that no harm was meant and the reaction was a bit of overkill.

Yesyesyesyesyes... but still. No, DC. Just... No.

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