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01 March 2012 @ 02:39 pm
Being Human 4.01. and other stuff  
Today I used some things up, watched Drive, got rid of some stuff, researched health plans and found something cheap I can afford until I get one through a job (*fingers crossed*), and now I'm going out for happy hour.

Tomorrow I make pickles! And get rid of old clothes. And then have dinner with the parents and tell them I'm running away from home. Hah. :p

Dammit, George. Dammit, I say. Writers- nicely done. I liked that he pretty much killed himself by forcing a transformation and (yay for the writers) dying because his body couldn't handle it.

Shame on you Mr. Weasley. SHAME! Oh, wait...

"I'm going to kill that baby." Wait, I thought you WERE the baby.

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