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Smooth rides make for boring stories.
11 August 2030 @ 11:02 pm
"Put a grain of boldness into everything you do." 

~Baltasar Gracian
Smooth rides make for boring stories.
21 April 2013 @ 03:34 pm

Wow. What a week. I don't think I've been glued to my tv like that since North & South debuted in the 90s. Yikes.

I really didn't count on being as invested in Boston as I was. I rowed my first big crew races there in college. I lived there for three years: Moved because of a boy and stayed for school (and another boy). And unlike with California, it wasn't just a fling- I changed my license and car registration over, got an apartment and a job and paid taxes. WILLINGLY. But it still never dawned on me how strong I felt about the city until this happened.

And now it's over, and I'm glad, because Boston handled things quickly and efficiently. The BPD, ladies and gentleman, is a fantastic and fearsome machine of awesome. As an American, I honestly feel safer knowing there are people like the BPD roaming the streets. I hope DC handles things that well if we ever have an instance of an earthquake that turns out not to be.

So contrary to what this post looked like an hour ago, things have changed a ton. It appears that Dzhokhar Tsarnaev may have been part of a dyad, but he wasn't the weaker one: The self-inflicted throat wounds, and purposely running over Tamerlan after his brother had been tackled by a cop? Those are things a terrorist would do.

It's one thing to come to this country, hang out with your friends, and never integrate and then get bitter, but these kids were given opportunities and they tossed them right in the garbage.

And I'm done. Some people just suck. Evil is evil. I hope they throw the book at him so hard you can see the dent from space.

Smooth rides make for boring stories.
Next time you're on a date, at a job interview, in a meeting FROM HELL, or on the verge of losing it in public. Remember this picture:

The Iceberg of You.Collapse )

Because you're the ONLY ONE who knows the whole story. Not everyone has to, y'know?

More adulting here.
Smooth rides make for boring stories.
The new Twilight movie is awful. It's pretty, but it's awful. So it's pretty awful.

Even for a movie about sparkly vampires. That suddenly don't sparkle at the end when they're reclining in a meadow or something.Collapse )

I'm really glad I went, though, because G and I got to have our final Twilight viewing AND we got to see this marvelous piece of marvelousness:

Smooth rides make for boring stories.
04 November 2012 @ 07:40 pm
Hello, my lovelies! A few linkies that I found recently in case you're feeling a bit blocked in your writing efforts:

A words chart for when you're describing your characters' feels.

911 Writer's Block, writer's emergency hotline! 
(Dial "5" for "Comiserate".)

How to write a book in 30 days. Day 1: Character Sketches.

Exercises for fiction writers. 

Written? Kitten! (Better than Write or DIE! because for every 100 words you write you get a fresh KITTEN!)

100 (of the) Most Beautiful Words in the English Language.

Happy NaNo-ing! Am on Skype if you would like a f2f.
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Smooth rides make for boring stories.
06 May 2012 @ 09:36 pm
(Finally got all the South Dakota pictures up, including the one of the rabbit with horns. Not kidding. Read part 6. Also, I ran out of disk space for pictures on LJ so I'll be crossposting from here. Yay! ETA: And now comments are enabled. WHEEEEEE!)

After Mt. Rushmore, I decided I was going to head for Devil's Tower. So I left South Dakota in my rearview:

Bye=bye!Collapse )

And that concludes Wyoming. Next is Salt Lake City, then Vegas, and then San Diego, but first, a few days break to job hunt, do things outside, and sort this whole sudden lack of disk space on LJ thing out. Your patience is appreciated. :)

If the foodie side of things still interests you, see my tumblr, which I've been updating daily: http://dishmeetsspoon.tumblr.com/

Yeah, this post originated on DW, but let's not make this complicated: Comment here on LJ and be done with it, okay? :)
Smooth rides make for boring stories.
12 March 2012 @ 03:00 pm
Seminar was good. We had lunch at New York Beer Company before the show. The play was excellent, but I could "hear" Jeff Goldblum in my head too, which was weird (he's taking over for Rickman in April). Crowded in there. :)

We had mojitos post show and then the bus back from NYC was wikkid late and we got back around 1:30am. I popped in ear plugs and slept until 9:30 or so, but still today has been a wash in terms of getting stuff done. Tired. Headache until a hour or two ago. X0

Boxes. So many boxes. Kels (Boyfriend for a Day Guy) is coming out on Friday to help me sort through stuff and (hopefully) take some of these boxes away. I could be more excited, but it would be HAAAAAAAAARD.

Made avocado ice cream today. Strangely delicious. Fresh avocados, slightly soft, are so good I could eat them with a spoon. A SPOON. They almost didn't make it into the blender.

Alan Rickman WAS AMAZING. AMAZING. We had our picture taken with him. Sort of.SNAAAAAAAAPE!Collapse ) This entry was originally posted at http://lillbet.dreamwidth.org/316017.html. It's brilliant there- they have sandwiches! Comment using OpenID.
Smooth rides make for boring stories.
My router kicked out on Saturday so I called Netgear to see what was up and OH SORRY YOUR WARRANTY RAN OUT. GIVE US $$$ AND WE WILL FIX IT FOR YOU. Me: "..." The guy from Comcast just left a few mins ago. He managed to coax the router back to life. :)

Told the aunt and uncle and they were supportive and happy for me. They only said "expensive" once, maybe twice, but aside from that it was a great talk. The pitcher of St. Germaine cocktail with sparkling wine and club soda helped, I think. My aunt is pure gold- I know that part of her being who she is to me is that she's not my mother, but I still feel like she gets me liek whoah and that means so so much.

I really want to leave now and get started. I might fly out in a week or so with some stuff and just chill for a bit- introduce myself around town and put out some feelers. Better than sitting around, trying to plot ways to use up the baking stuff (I  have 5 cans of coconut milk. FIVE. When did I become a crazy coconut milk hoarding person?) and frittering away my savings.

Last two movies: Scre4m and Paul. If you can figure out the linky, let me know so I can tell you how awesome you are. (Also, in the case of Scre4m- do not watch the making of before the movie. SPOILERS.)

Next up: 30 Minutes or Less and Beginners. CHRISTOPHER PLUMMER. CHRISTOPHER. PLUMMER.

Weekend in NYC ahead! Bussing up on Friday morning and staying somewhere for two nights and then the play (THE PLAY. ALAN RICKMAN.) is on Sunday afternoon. Anyone have a spare couch or warm patch of floor I can use for two nights? Anyone?

Today I'm throwing out more stuff (ie going to the Goodwill), recycling a very old Vaio with a fried motherboard, picking up the Shuttle, and dropping off some yarn with [personal profile] sparkfrost at her place o' business. Can't wait. :)

This entry was originally posted at http://lillbet.dreamwidth.org/315339.html. It's brilliant there- they have sandwiches! Comment using OpenID.
Smooth rides make for boring stories.
1.) It's so weird- after years of trying to keep levels of stuff UP in my apartment, I'm now trying to get then DOWN. I use paper towels like they're going out of style, paper napkins, disposable cups, toilet paper. The expensive chocolate chips I've been hoarding since they went on sale, etc.

2.) Today's films are Midnight in Paris and Breaking Dawn. See what I did thur? :p

3.) Last night's happy hour went on a bit longer than planned. I wasn't hydrated and so my first drink turned into the only drink- an alcoholic slushy from Little Miss Whiskey's Gold Dollar on H St.- that I slurped down like there was no tomorrow. After, we went to Granville Moore's, which is known for mussels. Kinda expensive mussels, so instead we had some appetizers and fries. Then I crashed at a friend's place. We went to bed around 10pm, but I still didn't sleep well. Maybe it was the sleeping in a strange place or the couch in particular, but when my friend woke me up this morning I was already up. Got lost trying to get out of Northeast, but snapped some shots of DC in the morning, so it was a good tradeoff.

4.) One of the reasons I got lost, aside from my inability to perceive the cardinal directions using the sun overhead, is that I haven't updated the maps on the Garmin and, I suspect, the UK English setting didn't help either. I've noticed that the British English directions lack, well, directions. And they mispronounce the street names- JefFAIRson, PatTEARson, etc. It's deliberate, I tell you. DELIBERATE.

5.) PEEKCHURES! In order as I saw them:
 GOOOOOOOOOODMORNIN'VIET... whoops.Collapse ) This entry was originally posted at http://lillbet.dreamwidth.org/314442.html. It's brilliant there- they have sandwiches! Comment using OpenID.
Smooth rides make for boring stories.
01 March 2012 @ 02:39 pm
Today I used some things up, watched Drive, got rid of some stuff, researched health plans and found something cheap I can afford until I get one through a job (*fingers crossed*), and now I'm going out for happy hour.

Tomorrow I make pickles! And get rid of old clothes. And then have dinner with the parents and tell them I'm running away from home. Hah. :p

Being human is haaaaaaaaard.Collapse )

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